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Friday, 30 October 2020

The TPNPB News: Yulius Wetipo passed away, he could not be helped at the hospital

.Report 28/10/2020.

The TPNPB News: Clarification regarding the shooting of civilians in Ndugama Keneyam, Nduga district.

On 7/10/2020. The civilian employees of Exkapator in Keneyam were the perpetrators of the TNI at the new market post 330 who shot the Wetipo clan civilians.

Regarding the shooting of civilians, local time 7 passed, after 10:30 the TPNPB exchanged gunfire with the TNI at the 330 new market post.


Eyewitness Chru TheTPNPB News Wetipo used a motorbike to go to the city but the TNI troops said they were retreating, Wetipo and then the TNI road at the new market post shot directly from behind and finally fell off the motorbike, said the witness.

At that time, three people from the community and two members of the TNI dressed in plain clothes were escorting Yulius Wetipo to Timika.

The statement of the new Market commander that the shooting of wetipo civilians was that the TPNPB who shot was a public deceit, we are fighting on the basis of the people, if West Papuans, we TPNPB, it is impossible to shoot randomly.

They are our People, our people, we look after them.

The TNI at the new market post had shot dead civilians with father and son before, and now it is clear that the wetipo has just shot a new market post and is then accused of the TPNPB who shot it completely untrue.

The death of Yulius Wetipo adds to the length of civilian casualties due to atrocities of the TNI and POLRI. "Currently in Papua.

The TPNPB News Media Crew.

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