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Saturday, 19 June 2021

The MSG Leaders Summit in Noumea is faced with the task of bringing to an end the biggest tragedy

The MSG Leaders Summit in Noumea is faced with the task of bringing to an end the biggest tragedy to come out of the thesis of decolonisation, and how it has traumatised Melanesia so much over the past 60 years since 1961.

West Papua was to have been the first Melanesian country to have gained statehood if not for the Indonesian invasion. Today the dream of independence is as strong as first kindled by the Dutch, and hence the preparation for independence started in 1961. The Dutch knew West Papua would make it one day and be a global player like the rest of Melanesia do today because they became sovereign and independent through all the years West Papua chased its dream of self - determination. At the time the 'Fraud of West Papua' was scripted by the US under the label, 'stone - aged cannibals' who cannot impact on human civilisation, there was no MSG or Pacific Islands Forum which would have cushioned the fallacies and therefore push West Papua into statehood and sovereignty. The US knew its interests were the biblical truth, and that truth prevailed, but today the story is different. There is no 'US Interest' to give in to.
If West Papua must be free because of the children, that would be also a biblical truth. Papuans hope for independence would be driven today in a large measure due to the children of West Papuan. 

According to the official Indonesian version, there are no indigenous people in West Papua, and the rest of Indonesia for that matter so attrocities are legitimate state practice. In this scheme of things, the children of West Papua have no future in the former Dutch colony and an occupied territory.

The law is clear. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Indonesia is a party, says children should not be separated from their families for whatever reason, even poverty. And Indonesia's Child Protection Act includes a five-year jail penalty for those who convert a child to religion different from their family's. In West Papua, religious leaders have little doubt that removing children is part of a broader effort to overwhelm the indigenous population; "It is Indonesia's long-term project to make Papua an Islamic place," says the head of the province's Baptist church, Socratez Yoman. "If Jakarta wants to educate Papuan children," says Christian leader Benny Giay, "why don't they build schools in Papua?"

Indonesia tried to push its reform packages to keep West Papua a part of Indonesia featured by the Special Autonomy Law or OTSUS and another offshoot, UP4B, which have failed to yield the outcomes expected by the Papuans. The Papuans expected self -determination to come on the back of these reform packages, flowing from the 14 Points Proclaimed by US President Woodrow Wilson in 1918 at Versailles that all colonial possessions be relieved, and the indigenous people let free. West Papuans know they qualified to be free in 1961.
So the question of MSG pussy - footing and masturbating about in terms of lack of data, hence the need for a fact - finding MSG Mission to West Papua in the next 6 months is baffling to an educated humanity in Melanesia and the Pacific. 

The decoy is a big laugh, and means we cannot define the collective national interests of the Melanesian Confederation. Definitely, West Papua's freedom is a national security interest for PNG, Melanesia, and the Pacific region. It was the 'US Interest' that gave birth to the West Papua Conflict, and MSG must stand ready to redress the conflict. 1 million Papuans lie in the graves whispering 'merdeka' silently, and their eyes still open, to be closed when the issue of independence is settled in their favor. It is the Melanesian spirituality that kept Melanesia alive for 60,000 years, a healing that must take place.The stolen children of West Papua who were taken to Java to be 'Indonesianised' was suggested as a policy in the early stages of the occupation industry by Indonesian government authorities and its military but dropped because it was inhuman.It means Indonesia is more medieval now than in 1961.

MSG, despite the arguments cooked up by 'Indonesianised' Papuans who can only speak for 60 years of Indonesian presence in West Papua, must take full responsibility to free West Papua. US didnot. Australia looked away. The Dutch were told to stand outside or get lost. Indonesia just wants to eat. 

The Melanesian Machiavelli must prevail as it has for 60,000 years. Give West Papua the opportunity to prove to the world that Papuans, and Melanesians, are today educated and stand ready to meet the bar of international society.
A referendum is in order, and Indonesia, there is one message. Get ready to blaze out of West Papua! Read the trend here:

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