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Monday, 28 June 2010

Papuans march to call for end to the Indonesian province’s special autonomy status

Around 2,000 Papuans have taken part in a march to demand the Papua Legislative Council overturn the province’s special autonomy status.

The protesters held a peaceful rally, some clad in traditional attire, and marched from the Papua People’s Assembly in Abepura to the council building in Jayapura.

The Jakarta Post says protestors carried banners reading "Special autonomy has failed" and "There is no solution but a free Papua."

Their demands included that Jakarta and Papua hold talks mediated by a third party, that a referendum is held and and that the Indonesian central government recognize West Papua’s sovereignty.

Other demands were calls to stop all regional elections in Papua, stop the government-run transmigration programme and release all political prisoners both in Papua and West Papua provinces.

The central government granted Papua special autonomy in 2001, but critics say it was a measure to win the hearts and minds of Papuans while toning down demands for independence.

The special autonomy status and law allows Papua to keep up to 80 percent of revenue generated from the exploitation of its local resources and authorised its name change from Irian Jaya to Papua.

The law also rules the province has autonomy in the social, political, economic and cultural fields, except for defence, foreign policy, monetary affairs and the courts.

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